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Here are some charts and extra modifiers to add an even more “Four Color” feel to your Necessary Evil or Savage World superhero campaign.
Clint Black did all the real work, I just kept harassing the poor guy with my feeble ideas until he finessed them into something useful.


A theme of superhero comics is pushing beyond a hero’s power range or skill level in times of great crisis.

To do this as a game mechanic. Spend a Bennie and make a Spirit roll. If it is a success you can raise a power +1 level or gain a combat edge or gain a power modifier you don’t have for one combat round. If you roll a raise or higher, you get +2 levels or the “improved” combat edge. If you fail your character is shaken.

Savage Worlds Speed Benchmarks
Flight:2 Speed:06"150  
Flight:4 Speed:12 X Pace300  
Flight:6 Speed:34 X Pace"60-1  
Flight:8 Speed:5Pace 48"120-2  
Flight:10 Speed:8Pace 120"240-4Super SpeedPowered Armor Hero
Flight:15 Speed:10Pace 300"750-8Sonic Speed 
+1 Above


1500-8Mach +A "Superior Man" flying
+1 Above


1/2 Lightspeed-8 A "Superior Man" flying in outer space
+1 Above


Lightspeed-8 "Fastest Man Alive"
+1 Above


FTL-8Time Travel? 


At this speed and beyond, the character appears to be moving so fast they could be teleporting.


Characters with these levels of speed should consider“Attack Melee” to cover additional damage from their attack since they would effectively be Heavy Weapons at that speed. (Running Only)

· If two speedsters or fliers of equal speed are engaged in combat while at maximum velocity then the minus to hit penalty is ignored.

· If two speedster / flyers of differing power levels are in combat. Set the lower speed to “2 X Pace” level and go up the chart the number of levels of difference between the two combatants. The slower character has a penalty of zero and the faster character a penalty of how many levels higher he is.

IE: Due to a cosmic crisis, the "Marble" and "DiCy" universes merge. The battle of the speedsters begins! Quickflash (“Sonic Speed”) vs. The Silverflash (Light speed). The Silverflash is 3 levels higher than Quickflash. So The Quickflash is at –4 to hit.

All the modifiers that are available “Necessary Evil” for “Speed” still apply.
Here are some others “mod’s” that can help capture the flavor of your favorite Scarlet Speedster type.


Multi-Punch: (+3) Super Speedsters can attack more than one opponent in a blink of an eye. The Speedsters attack to all opponents standing in a medium burst temple (at –2 to hit.)

Larger: (+2) The Area Effect is a large burst template.

Catch and Throw: (+2) Same as for “Parry” power.

Catlike: (+1) Prerequisite: Super Speed or Higher.

This gives you the equivalent of the “Quick” edge. Does not stack with the “Quick” edge.

Improved Catlike: (+1) Prerequisite: Sonic Speed or Higher, Catlike.

Initiative drawn is 7 card or higher

Master Catlike: (+1) Prerequisite: Sonic Speed or Higher, Improved Catlike.

Initiative drawn is an 9 card or higher

Speed Plus/Minus: (+2) Allowable for the top two levels of speed control only. Make a spirit roll, if successful, speed can either be added or subtracted from the characters power levels to any object within character lifting capacity. That object has the decided velocity (or not) for one round. If a raise is rolled, speed isn’t subtracted from character power levels. This speed is still limited by character maximums though. If used for an attack the object does 2d6 damage. If power is used on a person than both characters make a spirit roll. If player wins the contest than velocity can be loaned or removed same as an object.

To acknowledge how invulnerable Superior man or Captain Marbles truly is, a new immunity has been created to recognize this. After first purchasing the “Immunity” power you then buy the “Sealed System” mod. Immunity halves the damage from an attack. Sealed Systems makes Immunity apply to all types of attacks except one.

Sealed Systems: (x3) - Your character is immune to most energy and matter types, and could potentially survive in space unprotected if they wished. However, you must choose one form of energy or matter (or perhaps an attribute that could be related to a type of energy or matter) that your Immunity does not protect against (i.e. magic, wood, electricity, anything colored chartreuse, etc.).


After the d12+4 Strength, the Four Color strength increases at a higher rate than compared to the “Necessary Evil” lifting chart.

Combine a d12+12 with an “Attack Melee of 6d6 + Focus” and you have a Superior man that could peel the hull off of a V’Sori cruiser.
d420 lbs80 lbs
d630 lbs120 lbs
d840 lbs160 lbs
d630 lbs120 lbs
d1050 lbs200 lbs
d1260 lbs240 lbs
d12+1100 lbs400 lbs
d12+2200 lbs800 lbs
d12+3500 lbs1 Ton
d12+42.5 Tons10 Tons
d12+515 tons50 Ton
d12+655 Tons95 Tons
d12+7100 Tons250 Tons
d12+8250 Tons1 K Ton
d12+92. K Tons10 K Tons
d12+1025 K Tons100 K Tons
d12+11250 K Tons100 K Tons
d12+122500 K Tons10,000 K Tons


Here are more modifiers that can be added to the “Heightened Senses” power.

If concentrating the character can “peel” back the layers of any object he observes and even look through it.

limitation: (-1)

*You can choose one type of material or energy that you cannot use this power on.
(I.e.: lead, neon light, banana peels)


If concentrating the character is able to see things on a microscopic level. (+2 on notice for looking for really small stuff.)

Atomic Sight: (+1) You can see things on an atomic level.


You can see as far as possible within the atmosphere, the only limitation is the curvature of the Earth.

Hubble Sight: (+1) How many moons does Pluto have? You can count them.

KEEN EARS: (+1) You can hear things even a dog couldn’t.


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