Sunday, October 22, 2006

Marvel Knights: Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Real Name: Jonathon "Johnny" Blaze

Base of Operations: North America

Occupation: Unemployed; former stunt cyclist, accountant and various other odd jobs

Height: 5’10 (Blaze) 6’2” (Ghost Rider)
Weight: 180 lbs (Blaze), 220 lbs(Ghost Rider)Eyes: Blue (Blaze), Flaming Red (Ghost Rider)
Hair: Reddish-Blond (Blaze) none (Ghost rider)
Unusual Features: aw..come on!..are you serious?
Marital Status: Widower
First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight Vol. 1 #5 (1972)
Group Affiliation: Formerly the Midnight Sons, the Nine, Champions of Los Angeles, Legion of Monsters

Attributes: Agility: d10, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d12, Strength: d8/d12+6, Vigor d12/d12+6

Charisma: -2 +2, Pace: 6, Parry: 7, Toughness: 8/11(13)

Skills: Driving d12, Fighting d8/10*, Guts d12, Intimidation d8/d12*, Knowledge:(Circus Lore: d8, Stunt community: d10, Occult: d10(, Notice d8, d10*, . Repair d6, Shooting d8, Streetwise d6, Throwing d10.

*: Ghost Rider Only

Edges: Ace (Riding Motorcycles), Charismatic(JB only), Combat Reflexes, Frenzy, Level Headed, Steady Hands, Two-Fisted.

Hindrances: Code Of Honor, Mean, Ugly

Super Powers:

Attack Melee: AP +3, 3d6, Focus, Knock-back
Fear, Terror.

Fire, Poison, Radiation, Vacuum and Spirit based attacks.
Toughness: +2, Hardy, Heavy Armor
Super Attributes: Strength, Vigor
Healing Transform: If Ghost Rider is badly wounded he can transform back into human form, remain in that form for one minute. When he returns to the Ghost Rider form all damage is healed.

Hellfire: This is a mystic form of fire that The Ghost Rider. can use to perform variety of attacks;

Attack Ranged: Area Affect: Cone, AP: +3, ET: Fire, 4d6, Focus, Non-Lethal, ROF:2
Energy Control: ET: Fire, LBT, Selective
Cold Hellfire: As per “Paralysis, Extra Power, Ranged (Linked to Ranged attack), defender rolls Spirit.


Acc/Top Speed: 25/40, Toughness: 8(2) Crew: 1+1

Ghost Rider Cycle: Using Hellfire The Ghost Rider can transform Johnny Blaze’s cycle into a mystic form of transportation.

Acc/Top Speed: 25/100, Toughness: 25 Crew: 1+1

Hellfire wheels: “Damage Field”, ET: Fire, Selective
Wall Walking
It never requires fuel
Regeneration, Fast Regeneration
Ghost Rider has mental control of it up to 10 miles away.
Cycle can ride across water without penalty.

A brief history of
Ghost Rider II (Johnny Blaze)


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