Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quality Comics: Manhunter I

Real Name: Dan Richards

Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.

Occupation: Police Officer

Height: 6’ 1”
Weight: 202 lbs (85 kgs)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Unusual Features: None
Marital Status: Single

First Appearance: Police Comics #8 (March 1942)

First Modern Appearance: All-Star Squadron #31 (March 1984)

Group Affiliation: (Quality) None, (DC) All-Star Squadron

Attributes: Agility: d8, Smarts:d6, Spirit:d8, Strength: d8, Vigor d8.

Charisma: 0, Pace: 8, Parry: 8, Toughness: 7

Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d10, Guts d8, Investigate d6, Intimidate d8, Knowledge (Law d6), Lock Picking d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Shooting d8, Streetwise d8, Stealth d6.

Edges: Acrobat, Beast Bond (“Thor the Thunder-dog”), Block, Brawny, Connections (Law Enforcement), Fleet-Footed, Quick, Two-Fisted

Hindrances: Heroic

Super Powers:

Attack Melee:+1d6 (non HW) “Combat Training”


“Thor the Thunder-dog”

stat’s as per Dog/Wolf write-up in SW rulebook, except raise Fighting, Guts to d8.

A brief history of:
Manhunter (Quality)


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