Friday, October 27, 2006

Marvel Golden Age : The Thin Man

Real Name: Bruce Dickson.

Base of Operations: New York/Global

Occupation: Scientist, Adventurer

Height: 6’
Weight: 170lbs (59 kg)

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Unusual Features: None
Marital Status: Single

First Appearance:

Mystic Comics #4 (June 1940)
Marvel Premiere #29 (April 1976)

Group Affiliation: the Liberty Legion, the Invaders

Attributes: Agility: d10, Smarts: d8, Spirit: d8, Strength: d8, Vigor d12+2

Charisma: 0, Pace: 6, Parry: 7 Toughness: 9 (13)

Skills: Climb d10, Fighting d8, Guts d8, Intimidation d6, Investigation d8, Knowledge: (Kalahian technology d8, Aeronautical Engineering d8), Lock Picking d8, Notice d8, Pilot d10, Stealth d10,Throwing d6,

Edges: Arcane Edge (Super Powers) Ace, Scholar (Kalahian Tech), Gadgeteer, Sweep, Thief.

Hindrances: Code of Honor (Major), Heroic (Major)

Super Powers:

Altered Form, +4 vs. Kinetics, Fall-Proof, More Elastic, HA
Attack melee +1d6 (Snapping Fist)

Equipment: “Stratoplane”

Acc/Top Speed: 20 / 80”,
Toughness: 16 (6), Crew: 1

Weapons: MG’s and Bombs of the era.

A brief history of:
The Thin Man


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