Sunday, December 03, 2006

Marvel Golden Age (Ret-Con):Spitfire

Real Name: Jacqueline Falsworth

Base of Operations: WW II Europe

Occupation: Adventurer

Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 110lbs (145 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Unusual Features: None
Marital Status: Single (During WWII)

First Appearance:

Invaders #7 (July, 1976, as Jacqueline Falsworth);
Invaders #12 (Dec, 1976, as Spitfire)

Group Affiliation: Invaders.

Attributes: Agility: d12+2, Smarts: d6, Spirit: d8, Strength: d6(Legs d12+4), Vigor d12+4

Charisma: +2, Pace: 24, Parry: 7, Toughness: 13

Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d12, Healing d8, Notice d8, Pilot d6, Stealth d8,Throwing d8, Taunt d8.

Edges: Attractive, Improved Dodge, Improved Feisty, Noble, Quick, Sweep Two-fisted.

Hindrances: Heroic (Major), Snob (Minor)

Super Powers:

Attack melee “Hypersonic Punch” +2d6, Focus
Parry +3, Catch + Throw (Requires Activation)
Speed: 2 (50 MPH), Whirlwind.
Super Attribute: Str (Legs only)
Toughness +2, Hardy

Equipment: “Speed Suit”

Immunity: Heat/Air friction

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