Saturday, March 21, 2009

Golden Age Character Power Rankings

This is a very quick and dirty "Who is the most powerful? guide" I whipped up for all of the golden age comicbook characters that have been post on the blog so far.

Admittedly this is a very crude method of ranking these characters, it is based on the quantity of damage and not the quality of edges or powers.

The process was simple, I added the characters str and primary powers damage dice together, that number becomes a "damage rank". I also included the characters toughness and fighting/shooting or Throwing die in case damage ranks tie, With the higher fighting die being the tie-breaker..

Sure, I should have also included edges etc.. When I refine this process I will adjust the rankings by also considering edges and the type of powers the character has in the ranking process.

Golden Age Character Power Rankings

*double click on the table above to see it at full size*


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